Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

1 General

This policy describes how Safer Society Group Sweden AB, Corporate Identification Number 556648–9992, (“Safer Society Group”,” we “) including subsidiaries NetClean and Griffeye, process personal data. It describes what information we process and when, our purposes for the processing and your rights as a data subject.

2 Controller

Safer Society Group Sweden AB is responsible for the processing of personal data within Safer Society Group and its subsidiaries. We ensure that our processing of personal data complies with applicable law and best practice.

2.1 Contact information

Safer Society Group Sweden AB
Första Långatan 30
SE-413 27 Gothenburg
Phone: + 46 31 719 08 00

3 Our processing of personal data

We strive to always comply with applicable laws and regulations when processing personal data. This includes respecting the rights of the data subject, which  includes providing this information. We follow prescribed principles and ensure that we process personal data lawfully and in proper manner.

3.1 Customer Agreements for products and services

In order to fulfil our obligations towards you as a customer, in regards to entering of agreements, delivery of products and services as well as invoicing, we process the following personal data:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Business Address
  • Phone number

The processing includes the customer’s administrative and technical contact person and other stakeholders important for our business relationship. We use the data to enable customer service and provide support.

3.2 “My” pages and webshop

The data you register in our Customer Portal is used to manage your purchases and use of licenses for software and add-ons that we provide. We may share data with partners for the same purpose. The Payment methods you provide are processed for the purpose of charging for the licenses you purchase from us.

3.3 Communication

In our legitimate interest, we may use your contact information for the purpose of providing relevant Information and targeted marketing via newsletters, email and phone concerning our products, services and events. You always have the option to decline such communication.

3.4 Events

When registering for events, such as seminars and lectures, we will process your personal data after you have given your consent. The information we process may vary in accordance to what is stated in each consent.

During events, you may be photographed or filmed. Safer Society Group might publish this material on our websites or in newsletters.

3.5 Technical support

When managing support cases, we will process contact information and other information you provide us with for the purpose of resolving your case. This includes error descriptions, request information and attached files. Access to your case is limited to the support team working to resolve it.

3.6 Recruitment

In our recruitment process, we use the personal data provided by you in your application and in interviews with us or the recruitment agency. We also gather information from the references you provide. After given consent, we perform a background check on our finalist candidate.

3.7 Visit to our website

We use cookies on our websites. You can find more information about how we process cookies in our cookie policy, which is shown the first time you open our site. It can also be read here.

4. For how long do we save personal data?

Safer Society Group will only save personal data as long as required for the purpose for which it is processed or to meet any legal obligations. We follow the guidelines and practices stated by the Swedish Data Protection Authority (“Datainspektionen”) concerning the storage and deletion of personal data.

5. With whom do we share personal data?

We will not share personal data unless you have given your consent or if necessary to fulfil our obligations under contract or law. In the event that we share personal data with third parties, we establish a data processing agreement and ensure that data is processed in a proper manner.

6. Your rights

As a data subject you may, at any time and at no cost, request information from Safer Society Group about our processing of your personal data. You may also request that any incorrect data is corrected. Please let us know if there have been any changes to your personal data. You may also ask us to delete your personal data. You are also entitled to have your personal data transferred to another controller, so called data portability. You have the right to ask us to limit the processing of your personal data or to raise objections to our data processing.

Any request regarding Safer Society Group’s process of your personal data should be sent to:

Safer Society Group Sweden AB
Första Långatan 30
SE-413 27 Gothenburg
Phone: + 46 31 719 08 00
E-mail: privacy

You also have the right and the opportunity to address complaints to the Swedish Data Protection Authority (“Datainspektionen”) regarding our processing of your personal data.