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We develop technology companies with the mission to create a safer and better society. Using technology, we can solve entrenched societal problems and make the world a better place. Free from crime, exploitation, abuse and violence.

DI Gasell 2017

We are very proud to be one of the companies recognised as a “DI Gasell” company 2017. The primary requirements to qualify as a DI Gasell company are to have at least doubled company turnover in the last three years while growing organically, having healthy finances and positive operating profits.

Safer Society Group has ambitious goals and are at the moment reinvesting all profits back into the business to ensure a continued steady and healthy growth.

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With the increasing digitalisation of society, the societal ills and problems of the “real” world also move into the digital world and the Internet – and new types of crimes emerge. Despite the challenges, digital technologies presents new possibilities to tackle those problems.

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The digitalisation of ‘everything’ continues to change and affect the world, not least by enabling social ills and problems to migrate to the Internet and allowing new types of crimes to emerge. Our approach to combatting this, and to creating a safer society, emphasises innovation combined with digital technology, entrepreneurship and results.