Netclean develops the world’s leading technology solutions to fight child sexual abuse material.

Global awareness of the problem of child sexual abuse has grown considerably in recent years. So too has the knowledge that there are technical solutions to actually do something about it.

NetClean develops the world’s leading technology solutions to fight child sexual abuse material. Our solutions are being used worldwide by multinational companies, government agencies and Internet service providers. Our vision is to create a safer society.

Anna Borgström, Head of Netclean

We are experts in identifying, tracking and blocking illicit material. Our technology is developed in conjunction with partners and police authorities. This approach ensures that we are developing the right solutions to address key legal issues and remain at the forefront of developing advanced digital technology.

We collaborate with the foremost research institutes and universities, as well as leading international technology companies, including Microsoft and McAfee. We also partner with non-profit organisations, such as the World Childhood Foundation, Ecpat and the Internet Watch Foundation in protecting children’s welfare. Together we share the same goal: to make a difference.

In the UK, tackling child sexual abuse is a national priority on a par with organised crime, and it is classified as a “national threat”. Other countries are starting to follow suit. It’s a problem without borders and it must be tackled as such. The problem is so well recognised that two of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (5.2 & 16.2) (SDGs) include child sexual exploitation. This puts pressure on countries to put in place national frameworks for how to respond to the goals and to companies to ensure that they do business in an ethical way.

NetClean is part of the Safer Society Group, which develops technical solutions to create a safer and better society. NetClean’s sister company, Griffeye, started off as part of NetClean, provides law enforcement with an intelligence platform for digital media investigations. Through that NetClean has close collaboration with law enforcement professionals working in child exploitation across the globe, giving us a thorough understanding of the problem.

NetClean offers two different solutions:

NetClean WhiteBox™ – A powerful URL blocking solution for ISPs, designed to block access to websites containing child sexual abuse material.

NetClean ProActive™ – The leading solution for enterprise companies, governments, hotels and Wi-Fi’s providers to protect their computers and networks against child sexual abuse material.