Griffeye provides the world’s premier digital media investigation platform.

To cope with the massive amount of data involved in a typical investigation, criminal investigators and forensic experts need the right tools.

Griffeye provides the world’s premier intelligence and visual big data platform for collecting, processing, analyzing, visualizing and managing images and videos.

Griffeye Analyze DI, CS operations and CS enterprise together builds the foundation of the Analyze platform, a versatile software platform applicable to any investigation containing digital media, be it in law enforcement, defence, public safety, insurance and health care. The platform offers interoperability and state-of-the-art tools through open standards, an open and extensible API for data transfer and possibility for plug-ins.

It is the leading technical solution to efficiently process large volumes of images and videos, screen out irrelevant digital files and aid the user in identifying the most pertinent material through automated routines and visual navigation, and is used by law enforcement agencies worldwide.

Griffeye was initially a part of NetClean, with focus on child sexual abuse (CSA) investigations. CSA investigations involves the most challenging and demanding tasks that law enforcement agencies face when it comes to handling vast amounts of digital material. Cases often contain terabytes of gruesome footage that the investigator needs to go through swiftly, knowing that the material may hide information that can help rescuing victims of ongoing child sexual abuse.

Griffeye has built its platform from this, the most difficult use case, and is now used in any area of investigations dealing with visual big data.

In 2015 the company became a separate subsidiary to Safer Society Group. With an extensive world-wide network, in-depth technical knowledge, and thorough understanding of the challenges that society and law enforcement face, we contribute to creating a safer and better society.