Innovation has never been
more important

The digitisation of ‘everything’ continues to influence and change the world, not least by enabling social ills and problems to migrate to the Internet and allowing new types of crimes to emerge.

Our approach to combatting this, and to creating a safer society, emphasises innovation combined with digital technology, entrepreneurship and results. Our process involves four key steps in the development of great ideas – identified internally, by customers or partners – into great companies.


capture and
evaluate new ideas

We explore new opportunities that align with the needs of our partners and customers as well as our strategic priorities, organisational focus and capabilities.


Develop products
and services

Identifying areas where customer needs have not yet been met, we develop products and services to meet those needs, assess market potential and work with pilot users.


Create engaging

We engage actively with customers to create meaningful cooperation, to prove our new concepts outperform previous practices and to find ways to market them well.


Grow successful

To meet customers’ changing expectations we bring innovations to market efficiently by either leveraging existing product platforms or creating new brands.

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So much more than just pushing products out of the lab

Innovation today is a key driver of organic growth for all companies—regardless of sector or geography. For us innovation is just not a case of pushing products out of labs but, rather, of creating value for our customers by personalising the entire customer experience. So having an organisational culture that promotes innovation, getting closer to customers to find out what they really want and directing our innovation accordingly, is something that is key to us.