About us

About us

Let’s create a safer society

Our mission at Safer Society Group is to develop technology companies that each will work to create a better and safer society through tackling different societal problem through technology.

New types of crimes emerge

With the increasing digitalisation of society, the societal ills and problems of the “real” world also move into the digital world and the Internet – and new types of crimes emerge. Despite the challenges, digital technologies presents new possibilities to tackle those problems.

We aim to do more

For example technology solutions could be used to tackle human or organ trafficking, or solve healthcare challenges. And if it was possible to provide clean water to everyone in the world through an IT solution, we could take on that challenge too.

Our companies

Group management: Joakim Colliander, Mattias Shamlo, Pelle Garå, Anna Borgström, Johann Hofmann, Christian Berg.

Corporate culture

Safer Society Group’s corporate culture is shaped by our mission to create a safer and better society together and we are proud to share the knowledge that we have gained through years of working together with law enforcement, NGOs, technology companies and research institutes.